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Patterns Fill
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Wide Gamut P3 and sRGB Colors

The pattern editing palette supports wide gamut color spaces. Create and edit patterns pixel by pixel with accurate P3 or sRGB colors. The result tiling pattern image is fully color managed for both display and export.

Many Patterns Supplied With EazyDraw

EazyDraw is provided with 100's of standard patterns for numerous drawing needs. These include both black and white cross-hatch patterns and more elaborate textures such as stone, water, fire, and shimmer. You use these patterns as provided or as a starting point to develop a unique pattern for your specific needs.

Bitmap Patterns, Vector Hatches, and Textures

EazyDraw provides both bitmap and vector pattern fill. Use the best technique for your particular need. Follow this link for information on vector patterns (Hatches). When importing DXF vector hatches may be interpreted as either a bitmap pattern or vector hatch.

Design Original Patterns

Create your own patterns with the EazyDraw Pattern Palette. Primary painting tools are provided to specifically color each pixel or blocks of pixels that define the pattern. You have specific control over the size of the pattern (pixels wide and high).

Use Any Bitmap Image

Drag-and-Drop or Open any bitmap image (TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc) and use the image or photo as pattern for your drawing. Use the Pattern Palette's tools to modify the image as needed on a pixel by pixel basis.

Transparency is allowed for any color that is used to paint an individual pixel of a pattern. This means that your pattern can have a "see-through" design. For example a shape may be filled with a color or gradient then overlaid with a cross hatch pattern.
Tool Bar Patterns
The EazyDraw Toolbar has a pattern selection palette tool. This provides quick access to a set of standard palettes. The tool palette lets you independently select a pattern design - then a pair of colors for the design.
Black and White
Patterns are very important when designing with only 2 colors. For these kinds of drawings you may use different simple 2-color patterns to differentiate component areas on the drawing. These techniques are often important for maps or mechanical drawings.
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