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space holder

Select From Provided Library

EazyDraw provides a starter set of standard dashes, easily selected and applied to any graphic. User defined dash sequences may be saved as named sequences for subsequent consistent use.

No Limits On Your Dash Sequence

Define any sequence of dash and space lengths using the off drawing Dashes palette (shown in two forms). Use either the intuitive graphic interface or define the sequence spacing precisely with numeric input. There is no limit to the length or "depth" of the dash space sequence. Use as many dash-space patterns as you need to get the desired look.

Precise Control

Control of the "phase" is provided. This allows you to precisely define the starting position within the dash sequence. Especially useful when dashes are applied to shapes such as a rectangle with sharp corners, this lets you slide the dash pattern along the shape to avoid ill appearing open corners.

Second Color for the "Space"

Default dashes have a blank or transparent space component. EazyDraw supports use of a second defined color for the space component. Of course, this second color may additionally have transparency. Any advanced appearance is easily achieved with just a couple of parameter choices.

Mini-Palette Form

As with all frequently used EazyDraw palettes, the Arrows palette has a "Mini" form. Notice the top right blue discloser button (small left or down pointing triangle). Click that button and the palette will change to a miniature form to conserve valuable screen real estate. The mini form is fully user configurable; include the parameters that you need, remove the ones that are not being used, and rearrange for the order you prefer. Do all this by dragging and dropping the mini palette's parameter labels. When a less used parameter is needed, just click the disclosure button to return to the full palette where all parameters are always present.

Simple -- Easy
The interactive palette view provides the convenient specification of any dash pattern. Apply the dash pattern to the outline of any graphic, a line, polygon, curve, or defined shape. Just drag the dash or space controls left or right to get the look desired.
Specify Cap Style
Use either a square or round end (or cap) style for each individual dash. The dashes are generated by the macOS graphics engine, this means each dash is drawn very precisely and its shape is under full user control.
Drag and Drop
The dashes palette's inspector view will accept the "drop" of any Graphic that has a dash pattern. Drop a dashed line on the palette view, then save it as a named dash sequence.
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