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Image: Clear Color
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Instang Alpha example, erase background color of an image on macOS.

The Problem, Solid Background Colors:

Many bitmap grpahics and all photos have solid colors. As in the example above, a graphic obtained from a web site has a solid white background. It will look OK on a white background. But the solid background color prevents us from integrating the image over non-white content, such as website with a textured backdrop or wall paper.

Example Above:

The example shown above is typical, the coat of arms on the left has a typical white background. When we try to use the image over a highlighing gradient the white background is a big problem. The Clear Color tool works directly with the image and changes the white color to transparent.

Clear Color Tool

EazyDraw has an intellegent Clear Color tool which works with bitmap images and photos. The tool automatically erases a color that you indicate with a simple point and click. The color is replaced with the "Clear Color" which we call transparency. The format of the image is changed if necessary to support transparency

Fast and Interative
The algorithms used to locate and match regions of similiar color are sophisticated. They are highly optimized to allow real time interactive feedback as you select the area to erase, expand the range of the color match by dragging a simple indicator on the drawing.
Photos Too
The example shown is a white color with a simple web grpahic;. The tool works equally well with intracate photos, remove any color or shades of colors from complex regions in real-world photos.
Works With CMYK
This technique works equally well with RGB (red, green , blue) color space and CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) images. These may be saved as CMYKA images for use in a prepress workflow.

For macOS Ventura through High Sierra, see support page for other solutions.

One download and install. Try it out, purchase a license code.

Get 9 Month License, $20
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