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Natural Drawing Tools
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Tape Measure (Cursor)

When live numeric read-out is needed, change from the normal Arrow cursor to the Tape Measure Cursor. In this mode the cursor position is shown live as you move over the drawing. Interesting metrics (length, angle, position, width, etc) are shown when the cursor passes over selected graphics. Option drag to "pull out" a natural tape measure to measure distances (in the drawing scale) on the drawing.

A Knife That Cuts Naturally

Use the knife tool to cut any graphic in a natural real-world fashion. Click and drag a "Knife Line" that will cut graphics when the mouse is lifted. The cut points are indicated live as the position of the cut line is interactively positioned. Multiple cuts are performed depending on the extent of the knife line.

Interactive Rotation

Use the Rotate Tool to rotate graphics around any origin. Click and drag a rotate line that defines the axis of rotation and indicated the "grab-point" of the target graphic. Lift the mouse and rotate with live indication of the new orientation and position of the target graphic. Or snap the axis of rotation to the center of any graphic.

Insert Vertices

When more freedom is required for editing a Bezier Graphic the insert tool is used to interactively add a vertex to any Bezier or graphic. This tool works in a manner complimentary to the Knife tool.

Pivot Rotation

Assign a Pivot interaction level to any group or graphic to rotate the graphic element in a completely natural fashion with a adjustable relative pivot point. For example: a drawing of an arm, wrist, and hand the pivot point for the hand could be set at the point of the wrist, then naturally apply pivot rotation of the hand.

Extend Paths

Simply double click the end of a path or line - and, if the geometry is appropriate (EazyDraw sorts this out) - the line is extended to exactly end on intersection with another graphic. Works for both Extend and Trim, could not be more "natural".

Trim At Intersections
The Knife tool automatically seeks intersections of graphics. When the knife line passes near the intersection of 2 or more graphics the cut point is "snapped" to precisely cut at the intersection. All intersecting graphics are cleanly cut precisely at the intersection.
Remove Vertices
The Knife tool will cut a graphic or remove a Bezier Vertex. The live indicator changes appearance to indicate which action will result.
Tape Follows Graphics
The Tape Measure tool intelligently follows along lines and curves. This means that an Option-Drag will naturally measure the distance precisely "from" the line or curve. When positioned near a line or curve, length, size or position information is displayed in a small information popup. Control keys and relative position are used to attain different metrics.
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