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Inspector Palettes
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Large, Clean, Open Palettes

EazyDraw's parameter palettes are designed with a clean and open look. The size is not "big" but large enough to easily read and understand without being crowded. We understand that screen real estate is valuable, but on the other hand we have more than 640x480 pixels of desktop these days; so we feel that a better design concept is in order. Our design encourages discovery, and unfolds the capability of EazyDraw making it fun to explore.

User Configurable Mini Palettes

On the other hand, large parameter palettes can certainly get in the way for the experienced user. Problem Solved: EazyDraw's frequently used palettes have a "mini" form, the disclosure button (top right) is used to switch between these two forms. The mini form is small with abbreviated labels, absolutely minimizing consumed screen real estate.

Fully configurable, yes - every aspect. Re-configure the mini-palette form by simple drag and drop. Drag a label to position the inspector parameter on the palette. Drag the label off the palette to remove. Control click the configuration icon to access related parameters for inclusion on your panel configuration.

Window Shade - 3 levels

The tall button found on the top right of each palette is an enhanced "window shade" button, with three height settings. The frequently used parameters are placed at the top of the palettes, so it is often useful to shorten the palette to free up the desk top. Click the button to "roll up" the palette or just shorten it to the top two or three key parameters.

Precision & Units - mm - in - pt

Parameter measurement units are chosen, independent of the drawing units individually for each palette. A drawing might use feet and inches for graphic elements, but millimeters for specifying lengths of arrow heads. Different decimal precision settings for lengths, angles, and percentages are user selectable.

Manage Fine Scale Units

When drawing it is important that a "fine" scale is supported. For example, a house plan in North America might have drawing units of Feet and inches and a scale of 4 feet per inch. But the "pen-width" of a line is not conveniently managed in &quoot;feet" and, of course, the drawing scale does not apply to the line width. Each of your parameter palettes has a separate "fine scale", in this example it line width might be conveniently managed with units of mm.

Help: one click
The macOS standard help button found on each parameter palette. A click of this button will take you directly to the appropriate help page that explains in detail the use of the parameters. Floating help notes (tool tips) popup if the cursor pauses over an individual palette element.
Save a Layout
You may save an arrangement of palettes, including position, which are open, their size (mini or full) ... everything. These are saved as named xml plist files and are available for quick application when needed. Of course, when you quit and re-launch EazyDraw all palettes return to their previous position and configuration.
Manageable Defaults
Each palette has two buttons to manage default settings for new graphics using the particular palette's parameters. Setting or restoring defaults from one of these buttons doesn't affect user default settings for other palettes.
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