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Drawing to Scale
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64 Bit -- 14 digit accuracy

EazyDraw is a full 64 bit application which provides nearly 14 decimal places of accuracy. This provides precision and accuracy for any drawing scale. The scale palette provides user control of the precision used when saving the drawing or exporting to DXF.

Independent Layers

Although not necessary, you can have a different drawings for different layers. This is useful for detail inserts or perhaps when a plan and elevation view are needed on the same drawing or report.

Fully Integrated

The drawing scale is automatic and fully integrated. Once you set the scale you never need to think about it again, the rulers will all display in the chosen scale and units. Numeric dimensions, lengths, and positions are displayed and entered in scaled project units.

Imperial or Metric

EazyDraw fully supports Imperial or Metric units and associated accepted drawing scales. In most cases any variations will automatically default in accordance with the Locale information and your macOS system preferences, as these are provided to the EazyDraw application by the operating system.

Axis and Orientation

Apple operating systems generally have the document origin at the top left with measurements increasing to the right and down the page. EazyDraw generalizes this convention - the origin may be anywhere on (or off) the drawing page with increasing values to left-or-right / up-or-down. This can be important when exchanging drawings with other operating systems and work flows such as a DXF work flow.

Pre Defined Scales

English architectural conventions define several standard drawing scales, such as "1/4 inch" . These pre-defined scales are easily selected from a popup menu, no need to calculate conversion factors.

Full Feet and Inches / Fractions Support

View and enter lengths and dimensions using feet and inches with or without fractions. These are automatically computed and formated, no need to specifically enter text values. Rounding and formatting under user control.

Scale Worksheet
Determining the right scale for a project is important for best results and the least frustration. EazyDraw provides an interactive worksheet, see example below. Use this to experiment with different paper size and orientation, and project dimension needs.
Or: arbitrary scale
EazyDraw provides a full compliment of the commonly used imperial and metric scales. But the scale setting is not limited to these, you may enter any arbitrary scale that might be needed for a map or non-architectural project.
Match Image Scale
Often a drawing will be based on an ariel photo or scanned platte map. You can match the EazyDraw scale to the master image, all that is needed is one known length on image. Once the scale is set, the Graphic Details drawer and Associatative Dimensions will report accurate distances, perimeters and areas (you can even measure directly in acres).
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