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Contributions Pack
Public Domain Content
User Contributions
Cisco Iconography
Esa Holopainen Characters
Free - Free
25 MByte download
72 MByte storage required
EazyDraw libraries and PDF manual found in the Additions Pack.

Contributed Content:

The Contributions Pack provides a forum for access of open license original EazyDraw content. This is a free download provided with open use licenses. These licenses vary, please refer to notes associated with the files and folders. The download is free. Contributions are accepted by EazyDraw support. EazyDraw reviews the quality of the content and proposed license restrictions, whenever possible and appropriate EazyDraw will include contributed content in future updates of the Contributions Pack.

Cisco Iconography Networking Library:

The complete Cisco iconography library of just over 300 standardized network diagramming icons is included at no charge with the Contributions Pack. The library has been "re-mastered" as original EazyDraw native content. As is our practice with the Additions Pack's networking library each of these icons were re-drawn for broad range scaling. This includes drawing the icons with fill-only / no-stroke techniques, use of solid gray-scale colors (no gradients) and other artistic methods that allow these icons to look great at a large range of sizes from tiny icons to large 512 and greater graphics.

New and Expanded Esa Holopainen Comic Characters:

EazyDraw has worked with the Finnish cartoonist Esa Holopainen in the past. He has recently expanded the characters he provides for free use by aspiring cartoonist. The full library of characters (including ant, boy, fox, girl, mouse (not Mickey), poika (a boy), piggy and others) are provided as a EazyDraw user library and as original drawings. These are great fun for kids of all ages. The two cartoons created by the EazyDraw author's grandson are included at the bottom of this web page.

Public Clearing House
This content forum is new with the EazyDraw version 3.4 release. This is a starting point for a useful exchange forum for the EazyDraw user community. All contributions are appreciated.
Additions Pack Companion
We provide the Additions Pack for a nominal fee of $15 or $10 if purchased with a license. As a service to all our users, resources from Additions Pack sales are used to expand both the Additions and Contributions Pack collections
All Available on USB Flash Drive
The full available "EazyDraw Content" includes this Contributions Pack is over 100 meg of compressed data. The Flash and Boxed EazyDraw versions allow convenient access to this content for those that have limited internet access. Our shipping is free - world wide, from Tasmania to Iceland.
The download is a disk image file (dmg), size is 198 Meg.

!!Few!! Samples from Contributions Pack Examples.

Cartoon example drawn with EazyDraw on the Mac
Traditional Venn Diagram for 5 entities with labels for macOS by EazyDraw
Traditional Venn Diagram for 5 entities with labels for macOS by EazyDraw
Traditional Venn Diagram for 5 entities with labels for macOS by EazyDraw
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