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Bezier Construction
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Logical Combinations

EazyDraw provides all the logic/geometric combination of shapes. This includes Union, Difference (A-B and B-A), and Intersection. All with full vector precision, naturally.


This is a big time saver when creating Bezier vector graphics. Individual portions of a shape are created independently with the best tool for the shape, an arc or perhaps a path sequence. Other portions of the shape might need more detail and close node editing. The the final shape is created by welding the individual components.

Fillet and Chamfer

Create a perfect radius to join two intersecting paths (line, paths or curves) with a simple click of the Fillet tool. Provide a defined radius and the math is automatic - computation of the intersection, derivation of the arc, matching extent of the arc. A "recents" submenu remembers radius settings for quick repeated use.

Abstract Fill (Paint-Bucket tool)

Automatically assemble a filled shape from any abstract closed region on a drawing. This is a common (and easily implemented) tool found in pixel painting programs. But this capability is not commonly provided by vector drawing applications because precise vector algorithms are much more complex. EazyDraw provides a one click paint-bucket fill tool, with full vector accuracy.

Interaction Level

After a shape is drawn, with all the needed detail - change the Interaction Level to simplify further editing such as changes of size or orientation. For example, Freeze a graphic when finalized, then interaction with the graphic is simple, no chance of unwanted changes. Or set the interaction level to scale to allow geometric resizing, or uniform scale to resize without distortion.

Pivot is especially useful. This interaction level provides a control point to define the origin for a pivot rotation - directly interactive.

Interaction Level is a frequently used editing tool. Quickly change Interaction Level with a single button click on the Attributes bar.

Winding Rules
EazyDraw provides full control over the color fill of complex shapes. Following Postscript conventions there is a hoice of two winding rules; Even-Odd and non-Zero. Winding rule fill control applies for all fills: solid, patterns, textures, gradients, and vector hatch. Winding rules apply to individual Bezier graphics and Joined Bezier groups.
Filled Shapes
This is the generalization of converting a line of defined width to a rectangle of that same width. Perform this process with any curve, path, or shape. Filled shapes (similiar to glyph construction of a font) have the advantage that they easily scale across a wide range of sizes; without the need to consider line width and corner geometry.
Fully Vector
All of the techniques described here are implemented with full vector algorithms. EazyDraw does not create low quality bitmap images to facilitate simplistic implementation of these operations.
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